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Noah Syndergaard whips fastballs off a mattress in his apartment, might be the worst neighbor ever

September 01, 2021

As if Noah Syndergaard's rehab tour had not gone on long enough, it hit one last snag on Sunday when he tested positive for COVID-19. While the Mets were still mum on a possible return for Thor, he did seem to be on track to return to the field in mid-to-late September, albeit with a reduced role in the bullpen. 

While a return is still possible, the COVID-19 diagnosis was a particularly crushing blow because Syndergaard was scheduled to throw at least an inning on Sunday for Single-A Brooklyn. Instead, the flamethrower had to lock up his doors and go into quarantine mode. 

If Mets fans were looking for a little glimmer of hope for this potential comeback, they got it on Wednesday. On his Instagram story, Syndergaard posted video of him throwing real baseballs inside of his apartment. Apparently, Noah's mother never taught him about the "no ball in the house" rule: 

This is perhaps the greatest case of "do NOT try this at home" mantra. Seriously, folks, do not ever do this. Syndergaard is a trained professional, and while he might be the worst neighbor of all time, he's one of the handful of people in the world who can get away with throwing literal fastballs against a mattress in his apartment.