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No home-field advantage: Donald Trump is behind in every state where he owns a golf course

September 06, 2016

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According to most polls, Donald Trump is lagging behind opponent Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. If the Republican nominee is searching for comeback avenues, he could start in his backyard(s).

As pointed out by CBS News, Trump trails in every state where he owns a golf course. The real estate magnate has 12 properties in six states: New York, Florida, California, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina.

In Trump's defense, three of those states -- New York, California, and New Jersey -- have historically voted Democrat, and are areas no Republican candidate would have likely won. Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, however, are considered battlegrounds for the election, and Clinton owns a favorable advantage in each state.

Trump has not helped his own cause, waging legal battles with his course neighbors in New York, California and Florida.