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NJ superintendent gets caught pooping on rival school's property, gives new meaning to the term "dirty Jersey"


As a vocal, proud resident of New Jersey, I speak for the majority of us in saying that we get a lot of shit about the shittiness of our state. This story will do us absolutely no favors in that regard.

According to (a FINE website, I might add), a Kenilworth school superintendent was caught pooping in public at Holmdel High School. And had it not been for those pesky kids a surveillance system set up by the police, he would have gotten away with it too!

The Holmdel Township Police Department released a statement on Thursday stating that Thomas Tramaglini had been doing his business "on a daily basis" on or near the area of the Holmdel High School track football field. When school staff alerted the cops of the human feces they had been finding, they set up surveillance and were able to catch Tramaglini, who they charged with lewdness, littering, and defecating in public.

Look, what's there to say? It's a bad look for Dirty Jersey, I'm not going to deny that. This story will be a tough to wipe away from everyone's memory for awhile, but maybe in the fast-paced news cycle we live in, it will be merely a skid mark on this great state's history. We can only hope. #JerseyStrong #StrongerThanTheStorm