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Nike unveils surprising shoe collaboration with Smash GC days after Tiger split

January 11, 2024

Cliff Hawkins

Well, here we are. We’re certainly in a brand-new golf world. Just days after Tiger Woods and Nike cut ties, it appears that Nike and Smash GC have some big plans afoot. Pun certainly intended.

The “Smashing into 2024 ❗️💥⛳️” wordplay is one thing, but the Smash logo on the white-and-blue Swoosh sneakers is something to behold. The Smash GC account made sure to tag Nike in the tweet and with team captain Brooks Koepka at the helm, is there a chance for even more collaboration between LIV Golf and the renowned American shoe brand?

The comments are a blend of shock and desire with quite a few asking how they can cop a pair. Others are more interested in where Nike and LIV Golf go from here. No matter what’s to come, we can all agree on the beauty of the Nike Swoosh fused with a light blue. It never doesn’t work. It's as clean as it gets.

There have been questions about Nike's continued involvement in golf following their split with Woods, but this aligns with what the brand has been saying in the days since. Sports Business Journal reported that the well-known brand “assured other players still under contract that the manufacturer is not getting out of the sport.” Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Nelly Korda all still have “major deals” with the company.

2024 appears to be a year for sartorial change in professional golf. Tiger is weighing the non-Nike options, men's golfers are signing with Lululemon and Smash GC has something up its sleeve with Woods’ 27-year partner. The times they are a-changin'.