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Nike Golf 360: A free app for your game, swing and body

June 08, 2012

The fact that the Nike Golf 360 is free is not necessarily the best part of this new app for the iPhone or iPad, though that surely enhances its appeal. But beyond that is its utility for improving your golf game by focusing on your game itself, your swing and your body.


Scorecards for more than 13,000 courses can be downloaded for the purposes of keeping score (for up to four players) and recording statistics (fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts). The stats can be kept and tracked over several rounds to gauge progress (or regress) or simply to show areas of one's game that needs the most work.

It also enables the user to upload videos of his or her swing that can be analyzed by what Nike calls its Swoosh Staff of PGA of America professionals, movement profesionals and clubfitters.

And, finally, it comes with golf-specific workout videos and training tips.

-- John Strege