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Nike bag makes like a driver and goes adjustable

March 20, 2016

Just about everything in golf has become adjustable, so why not the golf bag?

That’s the motivation behind Nike’s new Hyperadapt bag. Lightweight on its own, the bag features a series of detachable pockets that let the user reduce the number of pockets (and thus the weight), depending on the needs or the conditions of a particular day.

The bag’s four pockets all can be detached via buckle clips, turning the lightweight stand bag into a single-strap club carrier. The pockets are clipped to the bag on its external frame supports. The large apparel pocket can be detached and serve as a club carrier for a range session with just a few clubs.

The four pockets include a waterproof pocket, a cooler pocket, a large cargo pocket and a large waterproof apparel pocket.

At its heaviest, the bag weighs a little over five pounds, while the range bag weighs less than a pound.

Now available online and in shops, the bag retails for $350.