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Nickent Golf out of business

November 16, 2009

Nickent Golf, which at one time enjoyed considerable popularity on the Nationwide Tour in particular for its hybrids, appears to be out of business.

The company, which was put into receivership in May, terminated its employees last Friday and will begin the process of liquidating its assets immediately, according to an e-mail from a Nickent employee that was obtained by Golf World.

According to the e-mail, a number of groups -- including the Nickent management team -- tried to craft a bankruptcy/buyout agreement with the bank but were not successful, leading the bank to pull the plug on the company.

Although Nickent enjoyed success with its hybrids (including making their way into the bags of players such as Jim Furyk), the company could not parlay that success into other categories such as drivers, irons and putters. Additionally, recent success by other companies in the hybrid

category, such as Adams Golf, additionally hampered the company's business.