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Nick Faldo pulls off the most creative shot -- and celebration -- of the week

April 07, 2016

There were a record nine(!) holes-in-one during Wednesday's Masters Par 3 Contest. Jimmy Walker made one of those and broke the event's scoring record by shooting a 19. But the highlight of the day came from a Nick Faldo putt.

Don't believe us? Just ask ESPN Sportscenter. And just watch this clip of Faldo, who for some reason decided to create his own Tiger-Woods-"In-your-life!" moment -- despite the fact he faced a pretty straightforward 15-footer for birdie on the seventh hole of Augusta National's par-3 course. Not only did the three-time Masters champ pull off the incredibly creative shot, but he added one of the best reactions/celebrations we've ever seen, including miming that he reeled the ball into the hole: