18 with Sir Nick

The swing tip Nick Faldo gave Chris Pratt that helped him hit more greens


Nick Faldo stepped away from the commentary booth, but not away from the camera.

This week, Faldo is launching a new series on his YouTube channel called "18 with Sir Nick," where he hosts a revolving cast of celebrities to learn about their careers, and share some of his own golf-related wisdom along the way.

Faldo's first episode features Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt, which you can watch in full below (and subscribe to Sir Nick's YouTube channel right here).

My favorite bit of the episode came on the range, before the pair's round at about the eight minute mark of the video. Pratt talks about his love for golf as an avid 9 handicapper, but also said he struggled with consistency on occasion. That's when Faldo stepped in to show him one of his favorite drills to help Pratt make a more consistent pivot through the ball.

Faldo's drill to improve hip mobility

"The angle here is very important," Faldo explains, pointing to his thigh and lower back. "You want to feel like you maintain it on the backswing and the downswing. As the arms come through, the hip turns out of the way."

Faldo says that like most amateur golfers, he's lost some hip mobility over the years. That can often cause golfers to early extend, which can create a range of consistency issues.

But as Faldo tells Pratt, there's an easy movement he uses to improve it: Placing two hands in front of your body and practicing turning only your hips through as much as you can will help give your hips the range of motion they need for a more consistent turn.


And as Pratt explained after his round, it worked wonders for his own game.

"I know what I need to do: Balance on my right leg on the way back, and transfer my weight and balance on my left leg on my way through," Pratt said "Usually when you get a lesson before a round it seems to be a recipe for disaster, but when the person giving you a lesson is Sir Nick Faldo it's different."