NHL 19 has a pond hockey mode that looks awesome but will likely be a huge let down

Like most kids who liked both sports and video games growing up, I was guilty of buying the same games with updated rosters and no real new features every year. Madden, NHL, NBA Live (RIP, actually, don't RIP?), MVP Baseball (RIP for real, I’m actually tearing up), NCAA March Madness (triple RIP. Am I getting old? All my video games are dead), etc. You get the picture.

As I got older and my brother and I got an updated system, Xbox One to be more specific, only one game really ever kept our attention: NHL. In my opinion, it’s the only good sports video game left. But now that I’m closing in on the wrong side of 25, I barely even play anymore.

In fact, I don’t think we even got NHL 18, and even NHL 17 was pretty lame. There was a stretch run there between 2010 and 2014 where the game peaked, and then it just got too real, too hard, and less fun.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that I may have just been suckered back in after seeing this trailer for NHL 19, which is set to hit shelves in September. Apparently, the new game features a POND HOCKEY MODE. Inject it right into my veins:

Will this be a giant let down? Yes. Will I buy it, play it twice and get bored and never play it again? Also yes. But at least the game has finally added a new, attractive feature that distinguishes it from the last few installments. According to, this “Go Outdoors” feature allows you to “showcase your skills and creativity on surfaces that are all-new to NHL 19, and experience everything the World of CHEL has to offer on these new stages.” It also looks like the other big part of this is customizing your players clothes, accessories, etc.

Again, this probably will suck, but it might just get me to buy NHL 19. Mission accomplished for EA Sports.