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NFL's best golfer gets traded -- and it's not going to help his golf game

August 31, 2015

Getting traded from the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars to the Pittsburgh Steelers has to be a good thing, right? Well, not as much if you're Josh Scobee.

Scobee, one of the best kickers in the NFL, also happens to be the NFL's best golfer. And while Pittsburgh (No. 2 in Golf Digest's ranking of cities for public golf) has plenty of great tracks, it also gets plenty of snow during the football season. That could mean less frequent trips to the links for the guy who once shot a 62 and uses this for his Twitter profile picture:


Scobee may kick balls for money ($3.45 million this season, to be exact), but how will he cope with not being able to hit as many balls once his location changes from Jacksonville? As of this post, the 11-year NFL vet has yet to tweet about the trade.