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NFL player promises fiancée he won't buy another driver because "he loves her more than golf"

February 26, 2018

Joe Robbins

If you're a guy in a relationship, chances are you've done something at some point to compromise your manhood. Maybe you missed a basketball game to watch an episode of "The Bachelor," or dressed in matching sweaters with your partner to a Christmas party. Whatever the crime, hopefully it wasn't as whipped as this letter from NFL player Jeff Heuerman.

Heuerman, a tight end for the Denver Broncos, recently posted this accord with his fiancée, in which he promises not to buy another driver because "I love her more than I ever will golf."

Jeff, my man, we can't believe you a) made this public and b) put this in writing. Not only has our Hot List testing showed that, yes, a new driver can make you a better player, but half of marriages end in divorce. Your love of golf, while waning at times, is forever. Oh, and your Broncos contract says you're going to make $705,000 in 2018. Unless you're renting out Oprah's Telluride manor and housing eight steaks per meal, we're guessing you can pony up for a $400 driver. So congrats, you're stupid on three fronts.

Let this be a lesson to all singles out there: if you're significant other is giving you crap for pulling the trigger on golf equipment, chances are they're not the one.