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New Zealand driving range manager is NOT pleased after discovering thousands of golf balls stolen

December 07, 2015

Driving range theft is no laughing matter, but we couldn't help but be a little amused by this picture from a story out of New Zealand. According to, an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 golf balls were stolen from the range at Te Awamutu Golf Club and Driving Range, and how did the club's manager discover the robbery? When he went to collect balls and could only come up with this:


Wouldn't the range's grass not being completely covered by those thousands of balls have been a total giveaway? In any matter, the manager, Matt Schofield, lives on the property and is obviously not pleased.

"We are pretty pissed off," Shofield said. "It's frustrating, we try and do a good job and make everyone welcome and this happens."

The holes where the thieves entered and left are apparent, but police have no suspects and no motive. The balls are being estimated at about $1 a piece, but as any golfer knows, old range balls -- basically rocks with dimples -- aren't worth that.

Unfortunately, it's local golfers who are paying the real price.

"There were about three to six people who couldn't hit balls because it was empty -- we don't have the staff to pick up all the balls one or two times a day," Schofield said.

OK, now we feel really bad. Will you thieves please give this guy his golf balls back?

(Photo: Mark Taylor/Fairfax NZ)