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New study says listening to jazz music could improve your putting

November 12, 2014

If you're struggling with your putting and have exhausted all other options, Clarkson University may have just offered you a lifeline.

According to a new study by the school published in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement, listening to music while you putt seems to correlate with making more putts compared to hitting putts listening to no music. Jazz music, in particular, saw a notable uptick in the number of putts made compared to other genres, while rock music proved the most ineffective.

The study was conducted by having 22 Division 1 college golfers (8 male and 14 female) each hit four five-foot putts from different directions and then rotate across a randomized set of holes. Different sets of music played as they hit their putts, and their results were recorded.

Ali Boolani, Clarkson University's Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy & Physician Assistant Studies, admits that the 22-golfer sample size was small, but hopes this study will pave the way for more research that will lead to more definitive results.