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New Srixon Q-Star Tour boasts a larger core for more distance


The new Srixon Q-Star Tour makes the case that golfers with average swing speeds shouldn’t play the same ball as tour players. It also makes the case that you can achieve some tour-like qualities in a golf ball that costs $10 to $15 less than most high-end golf balls.

Like most tour-caliber golf balls, the Q-Star Tour is a multilayer construction with a rubber core surrounded by a mantle layer and then a urethane cover—the same basic construction as its previous iterations of the ball. Changes have been made, however, to both the core and the cover.

While Srixon continues to employ what it calls the “energetic gradient growth” core formulation where a gradual transitioning of the core’s stiffness changes from a soft inner core to a firm outer edge, the core is also, according to Srixon, the largest core in its class, producing a larger engine for more distance.

As such, moderate swing speed players should benefit off the tee and with other full swing shots because its lower compression core will launch shots higher and with less spin, compared to most multilayer urethane-covered balls that are typically played on the pro tours.

The cover borrows from the company’s Z-Star line of balls and utilizes the same 338 dimple pattern and features an extra, more flexible coating of urethane on top of the urethane cover to improve the cover’s engagement with the grooves of irons and wedges for increased spin. Another change on the cover was to the side stamping to make it even more helpful to those players that use the side stamp as an alignment aid when putting.

The new Srixon Q-Star Tour will be available Jan. 17 at $33 per dozen in both white and optic yellow.