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New Jersey Devil takes spill and misses wide open net, is having worst year in mascot history

The All-Star break could not have come at a better time for the New Jersey Devils, who had just lost three consecutive games on the road by a combined scored of 17-6. The most recent loss, a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of the Columbus Blue Jackets, put them at last in the Metropolitan Division with 41 points, which is tied for the second-fewest amount in the league. Maybe the team didn't exactly deserve time off, but at least they got some time off from the misery.

However, the "NJ Devil", the Devils' Satan-in-real-life mascot, takes zero days off when it comes to screwing things up. Playing in the mascot All-Star Game on Saturday night, the NJD received a perfect pass from Washington Capitals mascot "Slapshot" in front of the net. With the goalie nowhere to be found, Beelzebub had a wide open cage that even the bendiest bender could have scored on. Instead, he took a spill and hit the post, summing up the entire Devils season in one clip:

Brutal. Not a single soul in that organization can do anything right, probably because they all sold their soul to the Devil. Got 'em.

This makes you think, is the NJ Devil having the worst year in the history of mascots? If you recall, the NJD ran into a glass window at a child's birthday party for some reason, and shattered the absolute shit out of it:

This was back in July. Six months later he bungled a layup in front of an open net with the whole world a very small portion of diehard hockey fans watching. All he's done is brought shame to the organization for the last half year. Then again, he's gone viral twice, so maybe he is doing something right.

Here are the full highlights from the mascot game, which are all hilarious and well worth your time: