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New golf video game is all about how much stuff you can break

May 02, 2016

Forget about pin seeking. This new golf game is all about plate seeking.

Perhaps, it's a bit of a stretch to label Dangerous Golf a golf video game, but it does involve a golf ball and a hole. Well, eventually. The first order of business is destroying as much stuff as possible. In other words, where was this game when we were growing up?

According to The Verge, Dangerous Golf comes from Three Fields studio and is made by the most of the same team that created Burnout, a series of arcade racing games in which destruction was also the name of the game. In Dangerous Golf, a player is put in different rooms/situations and gets a chance to break as much stuff as possible. Before finishing each level (there are over 100 different levels from kitchens to castles), a player must sink a putt for a final score that is based off how much monetary damage has been done with the previous shots.

Here's a sample of how gameplay will look when the game becomes available as a downloadable title on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam sometime in June:

“Until you’ve smashed up some toilets and jumped a golf ball out of a mop bucket, I guess you haven’t lived," Three Fields' creative director Alex Ward told The Verge.

OK then.