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The company that made Tiger Woods' simulator releases a more affordable, DIY option

November 22, 2023

Courtesy of Full Swing

For golfers in cooler climates, the reality of not playing outdoors for months is setting in. For some, it’s unacceptable and playing a role in fueling the $1.49 billion global golf simulator market. That number is projected to double to over 3.2 billion by 2031.

To meet the demand for a premium residential simulator that doesn’t require a large permanent space, Full Swing is releasing its Full Swing KIT Studio, an all-in-one indoor golf solution that integrates with the company’s KIT launch monitor used by Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and other PGA Tour pros.

The new offering, which starts at $9,500, is an all-in-one package with the launch monitor and the Full Swing Golf virtual gameplay software, which includes 15 courses such as Spyglass Hill and the Tiger Woods-designed Bluejack National.

“This is a big day for Full Swing to truly be meeting what the market has been asking for: A premium gameplay experience using a launch monitor with DIY options,” said Full Swing CEO Ryan Dotters. “As our company and the global simulation market grows, we aim to provide golfers worldwide with a next-level experience of Full Swing Golf software.”

The cheapest option affords the greatest portability and includes a launch monitor, hitting net, turf mat and a touchscreen gaming laptop with the Full Swing Golf software pre-loaded. For a more traditional indoor experience, the screen package starts at $14,000, and the course is projected onto either a 10’ or 12’ screen, which golfers can choose.


Courtesy of Full Swing

When deciding on an at-home simulator, golfers must consider both price and space. Existing options range from affordable (under $1,000) launch monitors requiring little set up, to premium and permanent simulators like the Full Swing 2.0 used by Woods and costing around $55,000. The accuracy of tracking data on the most affordable products can be unreliable, while the premium options require a large space and professional installation.

The Full Swing KIT Studio seeks to find a middle ground. Golfers can set up and take down the hitting bays on their own, and the launch monitor accuracy is comparable to some of the other premium players in the market. For the Full Swing KIT Studio Net Package, the company recommends the space have at least a 9’ high ceiling, be 9’ wide and 20’ long.

Among the benefits of the Full Swing KIT Studio is that the launch monitor is easily transportable and suitable for outdoor use as well. Golfers can use the product on the range to track 16 points of club and ball data, including club head speed, ball speed, launch angle and carry distance—making the KIT Studio a compelling option not only for winter use indoors, but also in-season work to improve your swing.