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Short Answers: New classic wedges

May 22, 2013

It has been more than four years since golf's ruling bodies set new limits on grooves to reduce the amount of spin produced by wedges. Since then, manufacturers large and small have been trying to get some, if not all, of that lost spin back. Here are four of the latest efforts.


Spin cycle: The latest from Nike, Renegar, Miura and Cobra. Photos courtesy of the companies

Nike's VR Forged wedges come in three new sole grinds: a standard grind based on Tiger Woods' preferences, a "dual narrow" (inspired by Paul Casey) and a "dual wide" (inspired by Francesco Molinari). The retooled Renegar Rx12 utilizes new heel relief to improve turf interaction on lob shots and other shots from tight lies. Also, a bead-blast finish is designed to improve face friction. Miura's New Series wedges feature the company's trademark precision forging process, with a revised sole grind and graduated offset (more on lower lofts, less on higher lofts). Cobra is releasing a limited-edition 8620 carbon-steel, nickel-plated Tour Trusty wedge with graphics created by Rickie Fowler. The milling pattern on the face is designed to maximize surface roughness.