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New captain of golf club SMOKES spectator with embarrassing ceremonial tee shot, holds follow through like a champ

March 18, 2024

As we saw at the Players Championship, you can never be too careful when watching golf. Even the best golfers in the world like Max Homa can misfire dangerously into a crowd. (Fortunately, for Homa—and those fans—his golf ball actually hit a tree and not someone's skull on Saturday.)

But watching the guys who are NOT the best golfers in the world? Yeah, you probably want to make sure you stand behind them at all times. Or, at the very least, wear a hard hat.

Someone learned that lesson the hard way at a recent golf club honoring its new captain. While that sounds like a fancy title, as the person who shared the following video that quickly went viral noted, that "doesn't mean you are the best player, especially under pressure." Have a look and listen to this embarrassing ceremonial tee shot gone wrong:

Yikes. It looks and sounds like El Capitan absolutely smoked someone. And that was confirmed from a different angle:

No, it doesn't! Again, yikes. Let this be a PSA to those bold enough to stand in front of golfers hitting shots. Although it looks like the person's phone might have acted as a shield as the golf ball ricocheted towards the sky. See? It's good to film everything and not enjoy things in the moment.

Regardless, what a reaction from the crowd. And what a reaction from the captain, holding his follow through and posing as if he'd just piped one 300 yards down the middle. Way to keep your head—and hands—held high. We just hope this didn't cost him his title. Or any legal bills.