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Larger than Life: Adjustable Drivers

October 20, 2015

Photo by Hannah Whitaker

Dave Tutelman, a retired Bell Labs engineer, is a sports-technology savant. Among his many passions is figuring out how golf-club technology works, including developing a ball-flight simulation program. We asked him to estimate how many yards average golfers are missing out on with the driver. He said 30, and that's just carry. Improving the efficiency of impact (a better fitting driver is critical) might get you as many as 18 yards. The right loft could yield another six. A lower center of gravity might produce a few more, and so on. Sure, some of those improvements can be fueled by lessons, but others come from getting the driver properly fit to maximize your strengths (and mask your weaknesses). That's where adjustable clubs can make a difference. Instead of being afraid of all those settings, explore them. Here are three clubs to start your search:

MIZUNO JPX-EZ (Pictured above from top) Adjustability can be straightforward. Position the 10-gram weight in the heel to fight a slice, the toe to calm a hook or in the center to maximize forgiveness.
PRICE: $400

WILSON FG TOUR F5 The adjustable hosel is lighter, so there's more weight to reposition in the head. That means a center of gravity that's lower and closer to the face for less spin.
PRICE: $380

TAYLORMADE M1 The distinctive carbon-composite crown also saves weight. That saved mass is reallocated to sliders in the sole that let you tweak ball-flight height and direction.
PRICE: $500