Short Game

Never Leave It In The Bunker Again

July 26, 2016

Ok, so maybe you’re relatively confident with your bunker game. But what about those bunkers with really high lips? To get the ball out of this kind of bunker, you need to get the ball up high, and fast.

Swing Coach Jeff Ritter says that to do that, you need two things: Speed and loft.

You probably already know to open the face of your club, but to add even more loft get wide and low in your stance. Spread your feet out wider than you usually would, and drop your hands to lower the grip of the club. Doing this maximizes the club’s loft.

During the backswing, fold your arms into your body, and when you’re coming through, feel like you’re throwing the club through the ball. You need to swing faster, because clubhead speed helps launch the ball higher. And at the end of the day, getting it out high is the only thing that’s going to save you from a high-lipped bunker.

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