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Need a ruling? This golf rules app is here to help

August 15, 2012

Recent rules kerfuffles in both the British Open (see here) and the PGA Championship (see here) suggests that two issues: The rules are complicated and many likely could user refresher courses.

This brings us to a Golf Rules Made Easy and its Golf Rules Quick Reference app, version 2012-2015 ($9.99 in the iTunes store). It promises "answers to your rules questions in a matter of seconds," though you'll have to buy it to find out if it would have done so for Adam Scott in the British Open and Carl Pettersson in te PGA Championship (see links above).

It features rules for medal and match play and provides an interactive tool called Relief Finder that will inform you immediately whether you are entitled to free relief. It comes with graphics, animated illustrations and videos.

The app is based on the book, "Golf Rules Quick Reference."