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NBCSN had Susan Sarandon inside the glass for Rangers-Penguins game. Wait, what?


First off, I'm going to vouch for Susan Sarandon here. Not talking about her politics or even her acting career, which by the way, have you ever seen Stepmom? Wow, what a tearjerker.

But anyway, I'm here to say that the Academy Award-winning actress, like myself, is actually a very big New York Rangers fan. Just Google image search "Susan Sarandon Rangers" and there's a million pictures of her at Madison Square Garden, probably in some fire throwback jersey. I've even been at games where she gets thrown on the big screen as the "Celeb in the Crowd" in exchange for free seats. What a life. Does this make her qualified to talk about hockey on camera? Debatable.

For some odd reason, hockey fans found out if Sarandon was ready for the big time on Wednesday night, when NBCSN had her as a guest inside the glass alongside Pierre McGuire at the Rangers home game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Normally, the NHL's "Wednesday Night Rivalry" goes largely unnoticed, but it was the talk of Twitter on Wednesday thanks to this appearance from Sarandon. Here are the highlights:

Personally, I found this hilarious. She acted like any fan would if they were thrown inside the glass. "Oh, oh oh , yes! ohhh, ooo!" Other people on Twitter did not have the same opinion:

This is what the young folks call "getting dragged." But one guy made an actual, salient point:

Spot on. All of hockey Twitter, including two fanbases that cannot stand each other, came together to hate hate hate on Susan Sarandon. People were talking about HOCKEY. One might say NBCSN knew exactly what they were doing, playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers. Bring back Sarandon next week!