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Najee Harris' quads could be used as weapons of mass destruction

It seems downright stupid to say this, but the Ohio State defense did a decent job against Alabama in the National Championship game. Yes, the Buckeyes gave up half a hundo, and they could be the sole reason DeVonta Smith Jr. gets taken in the top 10 of this April's NFL Draft, but they did force the game's lone turnover, and they roughed up Smith, as well as quarterback Mac Jones. 

OK, so that's a very low bar, but the Buckeyes did show some impressive physicality. Crimson Tide running back Najee Harris, arguably the most physically dominant running back in all of college football, even complimented them by saying "they was blowing my ass up" afterward. From a dude with quads that could be used as weapons of mass destruction, that is very high praise: 

Great odin's raven. No wonder this guy flicks off arm tacklers like they are gnats. It's like trying to tackle two tree stumps. SHEESH. Saquon really might have competition in the quads department: 

It's a close race. One thing is clear: Like Saquon, Najee is probably going to go in the first round. His two performances in the College Football Playoff, coupled with this viral picture of his quads, have caused his stock to skyrocket.