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My sister got engaged on a golf course and it was awesome

April 02, 2014

Kira and Adam are the ultimate golf couple. She met him on a golf course, she spent their first date caddying for him in a 36-hole U.S. Open qualifier, and they're the current male and female club champions at Locust Hill Country Club. After dating for nearly seven years, Adam was finally ready to ask the big question. (I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY IT TOOK HIM SO LONG.)

He knew she'd love a golf course proposal more than anything, and since they'd been talking about Streamsong for quite some time, Adam and I decided that was the perfect venue.


He asked me for suggestions on how to propose, so I, in turn, asked Twitter.

Some of you said he should place the ring inside her putter head cover (way too risky), others said he should mark her ball with the ring (golfers don't often mark other golfers' balls. . .that's not normal), and others said he should put the ring in the pocket where she keeps her golf balls, hoping she'd find it when she looked for a new ball (again, too risky).

Here are two of my favorite suggestions:

@AshleyKMayo I would intentionally lose a bet to her. when she asks for her money, tell her you have no cash but ask if this (ring) will do

— Shane Bacon (@shanebacon) February 16, 2014

@AshleyKMayo if she plays, have his friend play in the group ahead and put the ring in the cup on 18 and wait for them and catch it on film

— Christina Kim (@TheChristinaKim) February 16, 2014 I told Adam about them, and he said he loved the lose-a-bet idea. So the plan was to walk 36 holes and play a girls-versus-guys match (my buddy Joe joined us). On the 36th green, after the girls beat the guys (GIRLS ALWAYS BEAT GUYS), I would demand money from Joe and Kira would demand money from Adam. Joe would hand me cash, and Adam would kneel down and propose to Kira.

That plan, however, was ruined by a terrible thunderstorm that rolled in on our 15th hole. It kicked all golfers off the course for four hours. It was about 6:30pm by the time we got back out on the course (the lighting was gone, but the wind and rain had stuck around), and we managed to play seven more holes.

By the time we reached the 17th hole on Streamsong Blue, the sky cleared and the sun was setting beautifully. On the green, Adam told me that he changed his mind about how he wanted to propose, and that he wanted to place the ring, which was in a box, inside the 18th hole. (WHY ARE GUYS SO INDECISIVE?) He asked me to distract Kira by the 18th green so he could get the job done.

Adam knows that Kira likes to putt everything out, so he knew she'd find the box. And she did. "What's this?" she asked, shortly after she knocked in a three-footer. "What do you think it is?" That's when she knew.


So if you're a guy who's lucky enough to date a golfer (GIRLS WHO PLAY GOLF ARE THE BEST) and wants to propose on a golf course, here are three tips I learned over the weekend: