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Mr. Style Speaks (Part 2)

October 09, 2009

Even though the International team has gone off its previously published script, I think the team is looking pretty solid. Beige works well in a "green" world.


The U.S. team needs to rethink the white sweaters as they look flat on TV. The team trousers all have this V slit at the bottom (left), which was in vogue 60 years ago. This slit is at the bottom of the trousers and it enables the trouser bottom to sit nicely over one's shoes provided the length of the pants is correct.

Isn't it great to see players without a ton of logos? Now the caddies seem to have all the graphics and it's actually a bit much. They look like those men that have the "Sandwich Board" advertising that one sees on the streets of New York.

Speaking of looking great, how about a barber on call for the players? Good for you Adam Scott for getting a haircut -- oops "hairstyle".

Can we all agree that both teams looked great at the Opening Ceremony? The International team suits really looked crisp. OK, the U.S. was a bit more casual in the blazer and tan trousers.

Can we please put a "USE BY ... " stamp on Argyle? Sure it looks great, but it's getting way overworked.

And note to players' wives: Please do not wear the same outfits.

-- Marty Hackel