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Back-to-back Opens

June 22, 2009

Golf World's news of the 2014 "double major" at Pinehurst, when the USGA will conduct it's men's and women's Opens back-to-back, generated this intriguing idea from a Florida reader:

__Dear Editor, To Mr. Ron Sirak and Mr. Ryan Herrington: I have always thought back-to-back (men's and women's) tournaments were a fabulous concept. Better yet would be back-to-back Masters at Augusta. A Masters for men followed by a Masters for women. This, in my view, would be a grand slam for every party involved. The Masters Committee themselves would be congratulated by women golfers and women around the world. It would be a public relations boost and a huge, positive jolt for golf, to say the least. Whatever you could do to present and push this idea would be appreciated. Perhaps you could let me know what you may think. I realize there would be obstacles, but I think the idea remains fabulous. Jack Ridolph>

The Villages, Florida __

Very interesting idea, Jack. The obstacles you speak of our huge, however. On the other hand, so were the odds against the USGA conducting its two big events back to back. I remember a conversation with former USGA president Judy Bell, now in the World Golf Hall of Fame, when the idea was discussed at the Executive Committee level back in 1998 at Blackwolf Run. Judy confirmed that the idea of holding Opens simultaneously at contiguous sites had been raised. I said, "So you could use Winged Foot West and Winged Foot East, for example?" And she replied, "Yes, or Pebble and Cypress!" We did not get simultaneous Opens--too impractical--but in 2014 we will get back-to-back Opens, and that's pretty cool. And if that can happen....

--Bob Carney