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Move over Stanley Cup, this propeller might be the coolest trophy in sports

June 19, 2017

The Stanley Cup is widely regarded as the coolest trophy in sports. And for good reason. It's huge, it's historic, it's shiny, and most importantly, you can drink a lot of your favorite celebratory beverage out of it.

But over the weekend we were reminded of an interesting golf prize that comes with winning the Tour's Air Capital Classic. To the victor, goes the. . . propeller?

That's right, winners of this annual golf tournament in Wichita, AKA "The Air Capital" of the world due to the city's long history of aircraft production, get their own propeller. And on Sunday, Aaron Wise, last year's NCAA individual champion, walked away with the unique piece of hardware.

You can't drink out of it, but that would look pretty badass hanging on your wall.

In addition to claiming the trophy, winning one of the Tour's original four events is a good omen for the young star. Past winners in Wichita include major champions David Duval, Tom Lehman, David Toms and Jason Dufner.

But yeah, we're pretty sure Wise was most excited about that propeller. Well, and the accompanying winner's check.