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Move over Honma and PXG: this set of clubs will cost you $16,000

February 07, 2019
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There's been a renaissance in premium golf equipment over the last few years with the emergence of PXG and Honma making a more concentrated effort into the global market. While those companies attach a steep ticket price to their sticks, this figure on a new set of Bentley clubs...well, it makes the aforementioned brands look like bargain-barrel bats.

Bentley Motors, renowned for its elegant—and expensive—cars, brought their business model to golf in the beginning of 2016, launching a set that cost $5,000. Though it's golf arm has been around just three seasons, the company is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year, and in honor of that mark, Bentley is releasing a special batch of clubs dubbed "the Centenary Set."

From Bentley:

The simple yet striking design is focused on a very visible and defining haunch line that can be seen across the set.

Whilst the haunch line is very prominent, other detailing has been used that is synonymous with Bentley both past and present. The use of the new diamond knurling can be found on the grip. The wheel centre caps from the Le Mans car are prevalent on both the wood heads and the grip end caps.

The irons are made utilizing multi-piece and multi-material technology, and its hollow body is precision CNC cut front and back. A titanium face insert provides distance, while a carbon fiber back serves as both a dampening material for improved sound and for extra weight to help improve ball flight.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.04.23 PM.png

There's a mix of materials in the wood line, including titanium, stainless steel, maraging steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. The fairway, utility and hybrid are all made from high-spec multi-thickness stainless steel to the body with maraging face inserts for extra feel and distance.

Similarly, the putter's body is a mix of high density 303 steel, super soft aluminum and carbon fiber, with a face insert featuring "diamond knurling" to promote truer roll off contact. The set's two wedges have fully CNC milled faces, with full face grooves, and back cavity.

Only 100 sets are being offered from Bentley, which this limit run including a bag and head covers. As for the total cost, that will run a customer $16,000.

A number that perhaps causes its share of sticker shocker. But to those that drop $250,000 for a Continental GT Speed, what's an extra couple bucks for a set of clubs to match the car?