Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches

PGA National (Champion Course)


Drill Master

By Ashley Mayo Photos by Bjorn Iooss
June 30, 2011

How would you assess your game since your last win, in October 2008?

I'll be nice and give it a B-. My biggest hurdles are my distance and my long-iron play. I've gotten longer, but I'm still short. [Average drive: 245 yards.] Even though putting is what wins golf tournaments, hitting it close with a 5-iron would certainly help.

What are you working on to get longer?

I have way too many swing thoughts on the golf course, so my coach, Gary Gilchrist, is big on drills: I have about 100 of them. Every time I leave he's got an index card full of drills for me to do. It's like a workout using a golf club; you have to do sets of drills to force your body to do things it doesn't naturally want to do. I envy girls who look like they just stand up there and whack it. My brain is always going. But I try to just focus on tempo.

When was the last time you cried?

Probably yesterday. I cry just about every day--when I'm happy, sad and frustrated. When I win a tournament, I cry. When I'm leaving the country for a couple weeks at a time, I cry because I just don't want to leave. Then when I come back I'm happy, and I cry! It must be hereditary because my mother was that way as well.

Your mom passed away from breast cancer in 2003. What other traits did you get from her?

What other traits did you get from her? A lot of people think I look exactly like her. But I also got a lot of my determination and competitive edge from her. I watched her work hard, whether she was teaching tennis or selling real estate. She was always trying to get a leg up on everyone else, and she worked that much harder. She wanted me to be the best.

How's your love life?

I'm only home about three months out of the year, so with my boyfriend [Octagon executive Andy Bush] living in New York and me living in Florida, it's tough. But he gets out to a few events, and I try to come to New York. I love to shop, so that's not a chore to me. We make it work.

Rumor has it you're a bit of a tech geek?

The running joke on tour is that if anyone has a problem with an iPad or a BlackBerry, they come to me. I probably get a little more credit than I deserve, but usually the problems are pretty simple to solve.