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Morgan Hoffmann's "Anchorman"-themed wedges this week are awesome

January 23, 2014

Tiger Woods is happy to be back in the friendly confines of Torrey Pines this week, but no one seems more excited to be in San Diego than Morgan Hoffmann. In recent years, the city has become associated with the movie "Anchorman" as much as its fantastic year-round weather. Hoffman is apparently a fan of both.

The customized wedges each have a saying from the comedy classic, with "You stay classy, San Diego," of course, being the sign-off phrase of Ron Burgandy, the bumbling newscaster played by Will Ferrell. Personally, we would have gotten, "Milk was a bad choice," in there, but this is pretty awesome if you're a fan (who isn't?) of the movie.

Actually, Hoffman has a history of tailoring his wedges to his movie tastes. His bag last year featured "Stage 5 Clinger" and "Lock It Up," nods to another popular comedy, "Wedding Crashers." But creating something you like and endearing yourself to the home crowd? Now, that's brilliant. The fans this week in San Diego -- or is it "San Diaaaahgo?" -- may just have a new favorite.