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More On Hershey, Pa. Part 4: Mark Henry

June 16, 2010

Among other things, I appreciated the history of golf in Hershey. Henry Picard and Ben Hogan were both pros at the Hershey Country Club. In the late 1930s, Milton Hershey, who was an avid golf fan, would invite some of the top pros to town for a two-man team event, round robin style. It was popular with the locals and it was another tool to spike tourism.


Henry told me he still tries to get in 100 annual rounds of golf. He said, "I'm so old that shooting my age is a bad score."

Here's a short video I made after my tour with Henry. He tells stories about his days as a caddie at Hershey, how Hogan worked on his high fade, and I ask Henry to rank Hogan, Nicklaus and Woods.

--Matty G.*