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More On Bandon's Fifth Course

January 12, 2010

What's my favorite visionary/conservationist up to?

Mike Keiser isn't resting on the release of his fourth course at Bandon Dunes (Old Macdonald is set to open in June). Keiser is working out the details of a fifth course--a 12-hole par-3 to be designed by Bill Coore of Coore/Crenshaw, the team who built Bandon Trails.

I wrote about the news of Bandon's new fifth course on this blog, back in September.

The recent article in The World (a newspaper "serving Oregon's South Coast") provides more details about the proposed plan that went before the Coos County Planning Commission last Thursday (click here for a bigger version of the routing of the course--you might need a Twitter account to view it, but that process is painless):


Some of the funds generated by the course will be used for that portion of the project, aimed mostly at the native silvery phacelia, a flower that has been listed as threatened in Oregon because of the beach grass, but thrives at the resort.

Bandon Dunes owner Mike Keiser has a reputation as a conservationist, and has been involved in other conservation/restoration projects in the Bandon area. He also has set aside a large portion of the 2,140-acre resort for preservation.

Because only the tees and the areas right around the greens will have turf, golfers will have to fly their shots to the greens instead of running the ball up to the putting surface, which is a technique used often on the four courses at the resort.

According to the proposal, the shortest hole will be 92 yards and the longest 165."

Mike Keiser once told Bob Lang, former owner of Erin Hills, that if Lang wanted a true golf destination, he needed a second course. Apparently Keiser thinks four and two thirds is the new two.

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--Matty G.