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Saturday Morning Tip: More first-tee thoughts

January 28, 2011

Last Saturday's Blog entry was so popular, I've given you two more thoughts to get your round started, from two veteran members of the Golf Digest Instruction staff. Have a great round, and be sure to follow me on Twitter.

*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest*

Tom Watson: When we struggle, probably the most important thing to think about is rhythm. We all have a natural pace. It can get off for a variety of reasons. Maybe we're stiff, or we drank too much coffee, or maybe we're nervous or simply tired. Establish a slow, smooth rhythm as you warm up. If you have trouble on the course, many times it goes back to rhythm. Slow it down, especially in your transition (think of Jay Haas' slow-moving pace at the top--and see if that helps.

David Leadbetter: In my experience, backswings go a lot better if you are relaxed at address. One of the biggest mistakes I see amateurs make is that they start tight and tense, especially in their forearms and shoulders. They snatch the club away, which messes up their rhythm right from the start. Nick Faldo always looked relaxed at address. The best way to foster that feeling is by standing in the address position without a club, spreading your arms apart, then clapping your palms together. That shakes any tension out of your upper body.

*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest