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More evidence of golf's many health benefits: A skinny Jessica Simpson poses in a bathing suit with a golf club

May 27, 2014

We get why Jessica Simpson posed in a bathing suit and posted a couple of photos to her Instagram account on Tuesday. The 33-year-old star and mother of two is proud of her body (can you blame her?), especially after going through a rough time of having her weight publicly scrutinized.


What we don't get is why she was also holding a driver in those photos. Has Simpson taken up golf? Has she created a golf-club workout that has transformed her body? Is this part of an upcoming commercial for a golf equipment store?

One photo was captioned "If I'm in a bathing suit I should pose proudly." Fair enough. The other, simply said "Eric's driver." Hmm, so the club doesn't belong to her, but rather to her fiance, Eric Johnson. Well, at least we know that much.

Last month, Beyonce, another famous person with no previous link to golf, also posed provocatively with a golf club. Maybe this type of 'clubbing' is just a new trend among celebrities?