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We're still in awe of one of the best shots of 2014

July 29, 2015

To say you have one of the best shots of the year in professional golf is impressive enough. To do it in a major championship, that's beyond clutch.

That's why we're paying tribute to Mo Martin's unreal 3-wood approach at the par-5 18th finishing hole at Royal Birkdale during last year's Women's British Open. It might be the best shot of the year. And with the Women's British Open being played this week at Turnberry, we're paying tribute to that striped shot seemingly destined for the cup.

We're still not sure how Martin's ball didn't go down for an albatross. Maybe with a thinner flagstick it does -- kind of Jordan Spieth's chip shot at the 13th hole during the final round at the Old Course this year. (C'mon, Great Britain: You're robbing history with these thicker-than-normal pins!)