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Mizuno New Releases


RB Max, RB 566 golf balls. Mizuno debuts two new balls, an upgrade of the low-compression two-piece RB 566 and a brand new dual-core entry, the RB Max. The RB Max is designed with the resiliency in the core of the company’s tour balls, RB Tour and RB Tour X, including a softer inner core surrounded by a firmer outer core. It sports a more durable ionomer cover and targets mid to high swing speed players, featuring a softer compression and higher flight than the tour models but less spin in the short game. The new RB 566 features a softer core than its predecessor and a new dimple for better carry. RB Max, $30 per dozen. RB 566, $22 per dozen.

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M.Craft OMOI 04, 05, 06: Mizuno expands its line of M.Craft forged/milled putters with three new additions (one blade and two mallets) to its OMOI lineup. Like the previous OMOI putters, the heads are as much as 28 grams heavier than standard, improving their stability on off-center hits. The heavier heads are paired with a lighter shaft and a lighter grip to change the balance point of the entire club. The idea is to further stabilize the entire system so the club is easier to swing, producing more consistent face rotation through impact. The new OMOI models include one blade, the plumber’s-neck 04, as well as the rounded-mallet 05 and winged-mallet 06. The 04 features 40 degrees of toe hang; the 05 is a center-shafted, face-balanced mallet while the 06 is a toe-hang (35 degreees) mallet. The 04 features a 370-gram head, while the 05 and 06 check in at 383 grams. Each model features 8-gram heel and toe weight screws, and a kit with extra 3-gram and 13-gram weights is included at no additional charge. The heads are forged from 1025 carbon steel and feature deep face milling for furthering that softer feel. The standard lengths are 34 and 35 inches with all models having three degrees of loft. $350, in three finishes: double nickel, blue ION or Black ION.