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Mizuno balances speed with trajectory in new JPX-EZ iron family

August 24, 2015

In a way, the search for distance in an iron is easy. Make the face flexible by any means necessary, stretch shaft lengths and strengthen lofts and you’ve got a 6-iron where the ball jumps off the face. But those efforts don’t accomplish everything. As Mizuno’s Chris Voshall sees it, “It’s not only the first part of the trajectory, it’s the other end that gets you a playable 6-iron.” So toward that end, Mizuno is maintaining traditional lofts and lengths on its new JPX-EZ and JPX-EZ Forged irons to make them easier to get shots on the proper trajectory. But these new irons won’t be shy when it comes to speed. The forged version ($1,000) features the company’s latest boron steel, a material that’s 30 percent stronger than typical carbon steels, allowing for a thinner hotter face. Meanwhile, the cast JPX-EZ ($800) now features an undercut channel beneath the topline and a sole so thinned out the number of the iron had to go on the outside of the toe, all in pursuit of a face that flexes at the USGA limit.

The geometry of the cavity back design in both irons is another key element behind their performance on both off-center and on-center hits. The saved weight from the thinner faces on both irons is redistributed in the four corners for better stability on both heel and toe misses as well as high and low misses. The weight saved from the undercut in the topline is positioned low and deep in the JPX-EZ for improved launch. A CNC milled pocket in the cavity of the JPX-EZ Forged long and mid irons (4-7) saves an additional 6 grams compared to the 2013 JPX EZ Forged. The short irons on the JPX-EZ Forged eschew the milled pocket cavity to better control trajectory.

Both irons also feature Mizuno’s “triple-cut” sole, which includes a slight bevel on the leading and trailing edge to improve turf interaction.

Like all irons in the Mizuno line, the clubs will be available with no upcharge for custom steel shafts or custom grips. Each will be available in stores in mid-September.