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Miura Golf introducing new irons

March 30, 2011

Miura Golf, a Japanese company renowned for the quality of its forged irons, will introduce a new line of forged cavity-back irons, the Passing Point 9003 (or PP-9003), on Friday.


The name Passing Point is meant to reflect the moment in a golfer's development that his clubs pass the point of being a set of instruments that in his hands may or may not function in the manner they were intended to where "they become friends in their own right," the company states.

These are irons that were designed to be friendly, given their wider sole and offset, though neither apparently was done in a way that suggests that their users require all the help they can get. This from its news release:

"The sole takes an elegant shape that doesn't look oversized. Likewise the offset is designed to flow naturally into the clubhead to preserve a confident look at address, but still benefit players who need some help squaring the clubface at impact."

The PP-9003 irons are quintessentially Miura, too, which is to say they're an aesthetic success.

The MSRP is $225 per iron and they're available in 4-iron through gap wedge.

-- John Strege