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A Minneapolis paper sent out the most disrespectful news alert ever after Lee Hodges won the 3M Open

July 31, 2023

David Berding

Lee Hodges called his maiden PGA Tour win at the 3M Open a "dream week from start to finish." But the actual finish produced the most disrespectful news alert from a Minneapolis paper. Lee, if you're reading, you might want to look away right now. Heck, if you played in the tournament, you might want to look away.

Actually, Lee probably won't care much after hoisting the trophy, winning $1.4 million and earning a first Masters invite. But golf fans in the area certainly did a double take when they got this social media push from the Star Tribune. Check it out:

"Golfer no one has ever heard of blows out no-name competition at Minnesota's PGA Tour event." Damn, that's cold.

OK, so we're guessing that wasn't meant to be sent out. That being said, a few years back the Palm Beach Post went with the headline "No-Name Champion" when Keith Mitchell won the Honda Classic. Rough. That newspaper later apologized.

But again, this was probably just a mistake by one person putting out a breaking news alert. Hey, at least they gave Hodges' seven-shot win the "breaking news" treatment. And as you can see, they followed it up with a "re-sent to correct headline." Here were the other headlines on the Star Tribune's website on Sunday:

"Lee Hodges completes wire-to-wire victory at 3M Open, sets tournament scoring record."


"This PGA Tour victory could be the first of many for 3M Open champions Lee Hodges."

The "first of many"! Now that's some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!