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Mini-John Daly may have just won Halloween

October 29, 2015

On Wednesday, we brought you the cutest golf Halloween costume idea of the year: Mini-Jordan Spieth and mini-Michael Greller:


Awww. So adorable. But on Thursday, Barstool Sports passed along another cute golf costume involving a kid -- it's just a little more edgy. Meet mini-John Daly:


We think we have a new winner of Halloween 2015.

Look at the detail. All that's separating Long John from Little John is a bottle of Diet Coke. You've got the Loudmouth pants. The free-flowing, golden mullet. The tiny driver. The cigarette dangling from his mouth!

OK, so we hope that last part is fake. We also appreciate the dad getting involved by being his caddie, but we think we could have figured out who his kid was without him.