No better way to start off the season than by taking a spill in warmups and bringing your teammate down with you

For fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks, the 2021 NHL season is off to a very ominous start. They should not fret, however, because nobody had a worse start to the new year than Calgary Flames left winger Milan Lucic, who began his 14th NHL season on Thursday night. 

Hilariously, that season, and one of his teammate's seasons, almost ended before it even began. In warmups, Lucic, a notoriously poor skater, took a helmetless spill as he attempted to skate in a circle. In the process, he knocked Elias Lindholm's legs out from under him: 

Luckily, no Calgary Flames were injured during the filming of this video. Lindholm actually played a damn good game, scoring one goal and assisting on another. As for Lucic, he didn't produce much offensively, as is tradition.