Mike Whan minutiae

October 28, 2009

Hockey News, in its annual list, "100 People of Power and Influence in Hockey," ranked Whan (then CEO of Mission-ITECH Hockey) 87th in 2007, ahead of Brett Hull and even Mario Lemieux (who had fallen from the list). Imagine wielding more power and influence than Lemieux.

The pronunciation of his last name is the same as that of Korea's monetary unit, the won. Given South Korea's rapidly expanding influence in women's golf, maybe this qualifies as an omen.

Whan, in fact, is Scottish, he said in his news conference on Wednesday. The family name was MacWhan, but at some point the Mac was dropped.

Tim Finchem has been commissioner of the PGA Tour for 15 years. The longest tenure by an LPGA commissioner during that time was six years (Ty Votaw). The shortest was two years (Bill Blue). Conclusion: It must be a thankless job.

-- John Strege