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Mike Keiser gets land needed to create Bandon Muni

May 15, 2013
Mike Keiser isn't finished re-shaping Oregon's coast. The owner of Bandon Dunes, a five-course haven on the Southwest Coast of Oregon, now has his eyes set on a parcel of land located about 15 miles south of Bandon Dunes that would allow him to create a 27-hole municipal course.

After negotiating for a land swap with the Oregon State Parks Department for four years, Keiser met on Wednesday with Oregon's Governor and a representative of the Parks Department, and it's official: A preliminary agreement is in place that would give Keiser the land he needs to create the 27-hole Bandon Muni, which would, by the way, be designed by Gil Hanse. At the course, locals would play at a very low rate and juniors would basically pay nothing.

We all win.