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Miguel Angel Jimenez gets food poisoning, suspects it was Hong Kong's ice

October 17, 2014

Add another most interesting occurrence to the life of golf's favorite meme, Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Jimenez, who won the tournament last year and three more times before that, finished two over after his first 36 holes to miss the cut. Speaking after his first round, Jimenez said his poor scores weren't because of lackluster ball-striking, but rather the result of food poisoning. He suspects the ice had something to do with it.

Here's the full interaction:

Q. Probably pretty happy with two over in those conditions?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Well, it's fine. You know, it's a pity, I'm coming here and I'm sick. But I tried to do my best today and two over.

Q. Was it dinner last night?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Don't know if something last night or the night before. I'm sorry for that, but I'm a professional and I'm coming here to play but my body -- it was something that I don't eat, something not very good and I've been not sleeping, nothing at night, and I've been all day (indicating ill).

Q. Is it hard to get around?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Well, you have only two slopes on the second and the third, and on the way to the tee -- that's it, but it's a pity. Three more days. I'm going to rest this afternoon and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. I'm going to get something that helps now. I think my body now can sustain something.

Q. What was it you ate?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I had seafood before. Last night we have some -- I don't know, maybe the ice, I don't know. I've been very sick all night.

Get well soon, Miguel.