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Mid-week Lesson: Increase your X-Factor like Brittany Lincicome

In the August issue of Golf Digest, currently on newsstands and available on the ipad, Jim McLean analyzes the tremendously powerful swings of two players, Robert Garrigus and Brittany Lincicome. Garrigus led the PGA Tour in driving distance last year; Lincicome is leading the LPGA Tour in driving distance right now. Let's concentrate on Lincicome's power move. I think it might help you gain some extra yardage, especially if you have a chance to get to the range before the weekend. Here's Jim's quick analysis:

Brittany hovers the clubhead at address like two other great drivers you might have heard of: Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman. She has what I call a two-way move at the top--her hips start turning forward before her shoulders finish turning back. That's another way to increase your X-Factor, and she does it as well as any player on tour, many or woman. That's how she creates that powerful lag on the downswing.

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*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

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