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Trending: Mickelson's ball ends up in man's shorts

February 19, 2012

Sometimes the SEO-Gods drop one right in my lap. Or in this gallery member's lap as the case may be. On the 15th hole at the Riviera County Club, during Saturday's third round of the Northern Trust Open, Phil Mickelson's tee shot sliced left, caromed off a tree and landed inside the shorts of a gallery member. That's right, in his shorts. Turns out the man was already laying on the ground (basking in the afternoon sun we presume), when the ball rolled up his pant-leg. Being the conscious golf fan he is, the spectator didn't move until Mickelson and the rules committee came to make a ruling on how to proceed. As you can see by this video, Phil gently retrieved his ball, took a drop and went on to make par. Michelson is currently tied with Keegan Bradley heading into the final round. The fan received an autographed glove for his trouble--which is more than we can say for poor Allan Henry.

-- Derek Evers