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Mickelson-Wiebe II

December 05, 2009

When last together competitively, University of San Diego coach Tim Mickelson (brother of Phil) and one of his players, Gunner Wiebe (son of Champions Tour player Mark Wiebe) were in a sudden-death playoff in amateur qualifying for the San Diego Open (formerly the Buick Invitational), only one player gaining a berth in the annual PGA Tour event.

Four holes into their playoff last month, they were still tied when darkness intervened. They agreed to play an 18-hole match to break the tie and it was held Saturday on the South Course at Torrey Pines, Wiebe prevailing by a single stroke with an 18th-hole birdie.

"I'm so excited about this win, and it was really difficult playing my coach who is great player," Wiebe said. "I can't wait to call my dad, because he's going to really be happy."

Wiebe shot 73, Mickelson 74.

As an aside, the tournament has yet to find a sponsor to replace Buick and heretofore was being called the Century Club of San Diego Invitational. The San Diego Open is a better fit (short of finding another sponsor on short notice), given that is what the tournament originally was known as.

-- John Strege