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Michelob ULTRA heroes build golf bag with keg, are giving it away for free

Tired of stopping for beer before your round, then pulling into the parking lot at the golf course and finding the space all the way in the back corner to stealthily load the beers in your bag, then lug the bag to the cart and hope no one that works at the course lifts it for you and questions what's in it, then getting to the third beer on the fifth tee and it's already reached disgusting levels of piss-warm but hey, it's better than an ice cold $8 brew from the cart girl, right? Well, does Michelob ULTRA have the bag for you.

That's right, Michelob ULTRA is bringing the 19th hole to the first tee with this awesome, "Caddyshack"-inspired golf bag that comes complete with a 128 oz. refillable beer keg with a tap handle and pint glasses, a BOSE Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting and built-in tablet for streaming all your favorite media. Does that seem excessive? Well I guess you've never played a round in the fall and missed out on a great slate of college football games because you had to fall on the sword and golf instead. Check out this bad boy:

So what? It's a bag that has beer in it, sick. So what!??! So let's dance!!!

Forced "Caddyshack" references aside (is a "Caddyshack" reference ever forced?), this thing is freakin' dope. And you have a chance to win it by sharing how you live ULTRA with @MichelobULTRA using #ULTRACaddieContest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We wish you all good luck and good golf, which will be easy to come by if you win this thing. (Well, that is if you keep it in that 4-6 beer range that gets you in the zone in swinging freely. As we found out, anything over seven leads to nothing but snowmen on your scorecard.